The Chair and Institute of Environmental Medicine, UNIKA-T, under the direction of University Professor Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, MD, combines

  • translational research about environment-human interaction with a focus on allergic diseases
  • modern and interdisciplinary academic teaching
  • comprehensive and holistic patient care provided by the Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine,Klinikum Augsburg
  • a Study Center with a broad portfolio for intervention studies and a focus on "intervention at boundary surfaces”

thus forming a progressive overall concept.

Together, these four pillars support the common objective: to prevent and treat chronic diseases in a sustainable way. Professor Traidl-Hoffmann and the environmental medicine team have been active in the field of medical environmental research and education for many years. As a physician scientist, she has a board certification for Dermatology, Venereology, and a special certification for Allergology and Environmental Medicine. Professor Traidl-Hoffmann, together with a team of physicians and the Dermatological Department at the Klinikum Augsburg, offer consultation hours for patients suffering from atopic eczema.
Both operating clinics, the Klinikum rechts der Isar (MRI) and the Klinikum Augsburg as well as the HelmholtzZentrum münchen are important partners for the translational research at the Chair and Institute of Environmental Medicine. The environmental medicine team consists of researchers, medical specialists, physician scientists, and interdisciplinary students (PhD/MD) as well as employees for matters of organization.

Chair and Institute of Environmental Medicine, scientific core workforce

University Professor Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, MD (Institute´s Director, Chairholder, Head Physician)

Professor Avidan Neumann, PhD (Bioinformatician)

PD Stefanie Gilles, PhD (Principal Investigator)

Gertrud Hammel (UNIKA-T Study Center Head for Environmental Medicine)

Athanasios Damialis, PhD (Aerobiologist and Biometeorologist)

Stephan Knoch, MD (Clinical Investigator)

Gundula Notheis, MD (Specialist for Pediatrics)

Thomas Nussbaumer, PhD (Bioinformatician)

Matthias Reiger, PhD (Microbiology)

Vera Schwierzeck, MD, PhD (Specialist for Microbiology)

Thölken Karisa, MD (Research Associate at the Study Center)