Introducing CAI

Research for a future without allergies

The Cluster Allergy and Immunity CAI integrates institutes with congruent research activities aiming at allergy prevention and remission. CAI partners include the Helmholtz Center Munich, the TUM, LMU, UNIKA-T Augsburg and the University Hospital Regensburg that practice research in a tightly integrated way and share a translational and interdisciplinary spirit that fosters creativity and innovation.​ Insights from the interplay of environment and men as well as cellular mechanisms are deliberately directed into preclinical models and - if proven effective - into clinical practice.



2008   MARC Munich Allergy Research Center (TUM, HMGU)

2012   MARA Munich Allergy Alliance (TUM, HMGU, LMU)

2014   Presentation CAI concept at BMBF

2016   Research meeting, Eibsee

          Kick-off CAI business office








Bundling competences and connecting diverse experiences is prerequisite to give fresh momentum to the scientific network and benefit from synergies.